Meet the 2020 Ohio Rose Applicants!

Announcing our 2020 Ohio Rose Applicants! Read their biographies here. Shannon Enoch Meghan Gallagher Maureen Ginley Erin Hogan Grainne Hutchingson Cailin Klein Sarah McInerney Sara Scacchi Lynn Schutte Molly Shonk Christine Smyth You can meet the 2020 Ohio Rose Applicants: Saturday, February 1st at PJ McIntyre’s Irish Pub. Details can be found here. Saturday, FebruaryContinue reading “Meet the 2020 Ohio Rose Applicants!”

Meet the 2019 Ohio Rose Applicants

Our 2019 Ohio Rose Celebration kicks off on Saturday, February 9th, when the Ohio Rose Applicants meet each other at orientation and then depart for a bus tour. We welcome family and friends to visit the Ohio Rose Applicants on tour at P.J. McIntyre’s Irish Pub from 5:15 – 6:45 p.m on Saturday, February 9th.Continue reading “Meet the 2019 Ohio Rose Applicants”